Over the years that I have led trips and expeditions, I have been asked numerous times about a website where potential guests can check out the excursions I lead annually. As these organized trips are not a regular part of my schedule, I will admit I have procrastinated when it comes to building a webpage for that purpose. Things have finally changed with the launch of my blog.

I am happy to announce that we have added a trip calendar to kayburn.blog! Within the 12-month calendar is a list of trips that I am either leading/selling, and excursions that I will be blogging about (including some that are not dive related). Some of these may not be exclusively for assignments or a trip that I am leading. If there is a possibility for you to join me on location and dive together, I will post my whereabouts and possibly provide a link where you can book.

The trip schedule can be found within the menu bar of the blog. Click here to see the calendar page.

There are of course expeditions that I do organize for clients to participate. These include (but are not limited to) Réunion Island for humpback whales, Sri Lanka for sperm and blue whales, various dive locations within Indonesia and the Philippines, the occasional trip to the Bahamas for sharks, Guadalupe for great whites and various other iconic dive locations. If it’s in the plan and confirmed, it will be in the calendar! Feel free to message me however if you need more than 12 months’ notice.

As always, these are trips that involve unique “bucket list” experiences and are catered to photographers and videographers alike. I don’t usually do photo or video workshops. Every photographer or videographer has a different skill level or knowledge base and I find it very difficult to cater to a group with everyone looking to learn something new. Instead, much of my advice is free. Guests are always welcome to pick my mind and share experiences. If I can impart any knowledge then, I am always happy to do so! I believe basic photography and videography skills can be taught and learned but it’s up to each person to create his own art. I too continue to learn each day.

If you would like to join me on any of these outings, please mouseover or click on the dates highlighted to see trip details and a link to either make a booking or obtain more information. Here are some shots and clips from some of the expeditions!

Sri Lanka Whale Expedition (March)
Me filming a blue whale (Photograph by Hendro Hioe)
Sri Lankan mud crabs at the resort

Highlights from one of our Sri Lanka Whale Expeditions (Filmed by me)

Réunion Island Humpback Expedition (August/September)
Breaching humpback and one of our expedition groups at Réunion (Photos by co leader Eric Goh)

Highlights from one of our Réunion Island Humpback Expeditions (Filmed by me)

Guadalupe Great White Expeditions
Cage diving at Guadalupe Island, Mexico (Photos by me)
Tiger Beach, Bahamas
Tiger sharks at Tiger Beach (Photos by me)

Video from one of my Tiger Beach expeditions

Komodo Island onboard the Indo Aggressor (Drone photo by me)

Contact us for bookings!

Footage from a 12 day trip on board the Indo Aggressor

Lembeh Strait with Yos Dive Lembeh
Lembeh Strait (Aerial photo by Kelvin Pang)

Please visit my blog article and see the link at the end for a discount on your booking!

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